let the kid go

Mayday eve today, I've been planning to wear my pink wig all day, take a ride on ferris wheel and go to see some punk/hc bands in the evening. But the shitty weather is probably going to ruin my plans,lame.

images ffffound.


sharp needles like pain on skin

my dad's old butterfly collection.I'm not sure if that really is beautiful,
it's pretty sick to think of animals and bugs as a catch or achievement that looks good on your wall.
I spent a night at my parents' house which was nice. I hardly visit there anymore, but this time I noticed that I really miss that place.


cross your fingers for change


ps.awesome long curly hair like those girls have, want!! mine isn't growing, unfair.


go steal ahead

oh boy, lots of junk.That's how my writing desk looks like nowadays, so i've been forced to conquer the floor with my projects instead.and this song, so gooood


one heartbeat away

Kick ass weather today! But hey, i'm stuck inside with my goddamn school applications, still. This is an unending battle. Anyway,
took these from here.


i'm not drowning fast enough

I miss water and bathtubs and lakes & oceans to swim in. It's raining outside but that's not good enough haha. I'm also looking forward to playing with my underwater camera, I've never tried that before

source ffffound!

cold hands hot bodies

I'm feeling manic-depressive these days.And I found an interesting band, you say party! we say die!


sissy boy slap party

ahh these outfits are so hideous, love them.


free minds and falling apart



all the girls play mental games

green day insomniac back cover. I found the cd from flea market and liked this picture so much i had to buy it.

ghost in the back of your head


laughing at the life you're wasting

just an old glossy picture that i like a lot.

play with my barbies

sources hmmm?



flirting with the sun

i want freckles!!

the original pictures ffffound.


smoke on the horizon

someone's home on fire.this was today.

ps. But it probably wasn't a real fire, cause i saw someone watching tv inside haha what a spoiler


we met in the stairwell

i love the first picture by Francis Caulloa.and that street art piece is amazing!! sources wooster collective and flickr plus the stairwell picture by me.