leaving just to clear the head

mom's wedding dress.
leaving for my trip today, not sure I'm able to update in Stockholm, write me some funny comments while I'm gone? kisses

anywhere is fine

I've been packing the whole day, stuffing some things into a big bag, taking other stuff out cause they can't all fit. No matter how much plans I make, I always end up needing something I left home

my route: tampere(1 night)-turku-stockholm(6 nights)-turku-helsinki(2 nights)-back home

One more update in the morning.
photo source ffffound.


lift your skinny arms

source them thangs.


catch the moment, own the night

Around 01:00am. I like summer night shades and spontaneous walks in the woods and on the empty streets of the neighborhoods when everyone else is sleeping, why? They miss all the best stuff.
Shit I love the view from my bedroom window. Wild flowers and bright green leaves glittering as the sun shines through the birches, everything is sparkling & I seriously can't hear anything but the birds making funny sounds.


sweet clouds

they left and never came back

empty houses


watched her as she wiped her eyes

dearest jewelry and my hair
My sleep patterns are horrible, it's no longer an exeption I go to bed at 4:00 AM, crawl up in the middle of the day, have eye cramps and chronic laziness--

BUT, somewhere after Midsummer fest I'm going to Stockholm!! yey



someone's always watching

Watched a brutal zombie movie last night and couldn't fall asleep. then when I finally did, I had a dream where I was making a psychological analysis for a serial killer.



are these the first self-portraits? hello. i dyed my hair, it's bright orange. I should go to bed but it doesn't make any sense, birds are singing and it feels like morning.


dark water running from the depths

off to dumpster diving&photographing, it's midnight though--
I'm updating my face in few hours,see ya
source them thangs.



conquer the wall

so I went to a graffiti happening, sprayed some myself as well (the "all seen eye", surprisingly). There were also some real talented pros and their works were freakin amazing!!