sleeping with the enemy

photos booooooom,viktor vauthier and summet teeth.

have you ever been this lonely


who cares about the details

if I was a cat I would fall in love with a handsome orange vagabond cat like that one.


notes for future lovers

and now continues the loving relationship between me and my computer


running with scissors

my laptop is totally messed up and needs to be fixed,apologizes for my absence, I'm updating my own photos when things are working again,
source i forgot.


take me to neverland

young forever? I turned twenty today,it's bullshit. Youth slipping away through my shaking fingers. Could we pause for one heart beat, turn time on slow motion, make every second of it a short story? Year from now I'm here again.thinking I've accomplished nothing.One year means alot.365 days including millions of seconds and rapidly changing moments means even more.

source epicly later'd again.



you will hate me for this.


without blinking once

Epicly Later'd,I am in love with you,click me.
Hundreds of road trip etc photos, so randomous and genuinely beautiful I want to cry.


you won't live to do it twice

this day has been like a slow death.there are no worse ways to rape the time.take me back to Stockholm.
Are you there? passers-by,leave me your footprint in the form of a note.

talk to me.

they live in a satanic house

cross upside down, row house nearby.


there is no justice in this world

My dream almost came true -shoes.These babies cost only one euro at flea market, but fuck, they're ONE size too small!! Bought them anyway.. Prettiest shoes I think I've ever seen, in perfect condition, size 38 /5. Let me know if you're interested, I think I'm selling them at a ridiculously low price.bohoo.


we belong to the dark side

There's thunder outside, weird when it's suddenly so dark. I love to light some candles and just listen to the rain.
pictures from Tush-magazine 04/2009.



yey i managed to make a braid roll, beautiful sunset yesterday and aren't those shoes freaky but pretty awesome? where could i find something like them, black platform wedges!! Cheap & without leather.help


watch me after I've fallen asleep

sometimes it's crazy to think of what happens behind all those windows

fake gaze

stop staring.


marry me ocean

some changes, tyrannosaurus chewing my hand-profile


meet me behind the wall

on floor level in Chutney lunch bar's bathroom.
they had the most delicious vegan blueberry pie I'd kill for a slice right now

morning, this appearance bores me I'm changing the sidebar stuff soooon


floral dress heaven


warm grass under my bare foot

honey i'm home
sweet sweet stockholm photos and there is more