One year later

hey you.


Rooms where memories were born

stockholm berlin copenhagen stockholm berlin copenhagen


Give me the key to your hiding place



Control your damn control till it blows your mind

This page has become the opposite of reality,I feel shy to share myself here after a long silence.Real life has showed its best sides during last few weeks,I might stay vanished.But at least I'm preparing a new website so I promise not to disappear completely...


Follow the street straight ahead

Small village outside Ljubljana,Slovenia.walking home from a party at 5 in the morning.Can't believe how much I miss that place and the people,these brothers with the wildest hearts,3-hour-long conversation with a 17-year-old boy outside one noisy club,watching stars with him and talking nonsense while waiting for the sun to rise.
I've moved and live now in Turku.My old wooden house appartment makes scary noises at night,can no longer watch horror movies.The rooms are echoing,I only have a bed there at the moment and clothes in giant black plastic bags.Things are evolving way ahead of me but I'll catch up eventually.Kisses


What has happened to this girl?

Wroclaw,Poland.Squat I stayed in for 2 days.
I will gather my mixed thoughts and write you more later.So much action inside my head,so few words I'm able to spell out.But yeah,back home now after 33 days of travelling.Will take no longer than one week and I'll be living in another city.This girl doesn't recognize her own life anymore.


The expected is just the beginning, the unexpected is what changes our lifes

The roadtrip just ended and I'm speechless again.Trying to take pictures in a moving car the whole week is just like trying to make the time stop.My dear friend drew a watch on my arm somewhere along the road.Now the colors are fading,moments passed,someone woke me up and clock started ticking again.I'm continuing my trip by train.Monaco,Nice and Cannes were for fancy people and I'm not one of them.Marseille is for me,the athmosphere where I belong.Trashy corners,street art,dying buildings,real life.Today a friend showed me around the city with a scooter,that was so cool I cannot describe it.Bye bye phone I dropped it somewhere on the streets of Marseille.It was worth it.Tomorrow I will let the ocean hold me once more,I'm heading to Strasbourg on Wednesday.