can't feel my pulse

i want bare feet & maxi skirt back.


daily portion of godly nonsense

photos from last autumn,that place doesn't exist anymore.(edited)


open your eyes for adventure

life without a camera is unbearable.i can't stop listening to this song.

photo from family albums again.


everything we dream is clear

from the 90's family photo albums.


i love you more than being seventeen

last night I went to bed at 5am (why have I stopped sleeping?) and remembered a song, then my breathing got heavy when I said those words in my head.fuck.i'm not seventeen anymore.
photos Mark Cohen.


world turned upside down

I finally made a real header and changed background!! do you like it?
are these sky photos boring? cause i think they're not,haha.


what ever happened

I'm in shock.everything was fine and then for a second I lose focus and my camera lies totally wrecked on the floor.I dropped it and now it's broken.this is shit,no new pictures for a while,so sad.maybe I will have to photograph with my film camera for a change.

they can see you in the dark





I didn't wake up this morning

..because I never went to bed. Yeah I stayed up all night, and around 5am I cycled to this little lake nearby, the air smelled like early tired mornings when you have to go to school or something, autumn always smells the same. Well I didn't have to go anywhere, the streets were empty and quiet, it was like making love with silence. Yesterday is blurry to me now, today I'm gonna take a train to tampere maybe.

and it gets worse


she put a pair of pearl earrings into her pocket

one year old photos from an antique store at tampere.


girls cheat

shortened comic strip from a very old teen magazine called "Girls",it's a foolish love triangle but I like the illustrations.



my new notebook


I gave the cat some acid



sounds of bones cracking

kiss my burning eyelids

Days go by way too wast but somehow the time stands still. Does that make any sense? The air is heavy, hotness makes my thoughts melt.
It's too frustrating to move my limbs but not moving feels like suffocating. Nights are dreadfully stormy, slow and lonely, since my rhythm tells me to stay awake. Thunderbolts make the trees glow in the dark.
I've been thinking about the nature forces and how they could destroy us all in a second.
I think nature is the almighty God!!


johnny can't flirt

first one Jody Rogac, others, can't remember,please forgive me.