stranger sleeping on my couch

photos epicly later'd.
I'm off to Stockholm & will be back next friday probably!


you tracked my code

source jannike viveka.I will see Blonde Redhead tonight:


no wonder you're always lost

source forgot.
I got this award from Isa,thank you.So here are 7 facts about me:
1.I'm obsessively waiting for my hair to grow super long.2.I change my mind way too much and I've got stupid mood swings all the time.3.I'm left-handed.4.when I shower I see different human face-shaped figures on the bathroom walls,especially if the walls are dirty and I've just been drawing human faces.5.I'm a vegan.6.when I can't sleep I start thinking about my heartbeat,brain function & blood stream and it makes me nervous.7.Sometimes I talk too much for strangers and too little for the people I know.It's not cool.
I will give this award forward to Alice&Elsa,Linnea and Johanna.

ps.Tinypic is off use,this sucks so bad,that's why most of the pictures are gone.I will download them back from photobucket when I've got time.

the world is right in front of your eyes

I feel like my posts have been a bit lame lately,apologizes.I've had other stuff in mind.I also noticed that I've got about hundred unfinished scraps/drawings.. Need to finish them!! I'm leaving for Helsinki on friday,and from there to Stockholm,cool to see the colder and gloomier version of my earlier trip,oh yess


promise not to lose the grip

photo elizabeth browne.
what is this? someone's sucking all of my energy.and my money.I hate it when the lack of wealth makes your dreams slip away and become way too blurry to recognize.I'll spend all of my money to get to Stockholm as soon as possible,goddamnit,then I'll maybe run into peter pan who steals money from the rich and gives it to me.woah


I'd like to run away with a rebel

sources blacklung & oh,snap!project.
life's shit at the moment.like someone else has the control and I can't help it.I need something to happen.
ps. Is anyone planning to go see Blonde Redhead in Helsinki or Stockholm this week?


Peter Pan syndrome

well,these photos are actually ten years old! I took these with a children's plastic McDonald's -film camera when we were on some school trip in a primeval forest,can't remember where exactly.I'm still using that camera sometimes and maybe I will show it to you soon.

i hardly know her

i photographed my old room yesterday.
also,check out my flickr photos on i hardly know her.


bright colors blinded my sight

why are 90's children's toys so much cooler than new ones? I just found this kaleidoscope my sister got when we were little.


bunny boy

Gummo (1997),this movie is illogical and quite upsetting.but certainly interesting.that last photo is not from the movie,but from flickr.


people hate you when you're changing

old shots as you can see cause the leaves have already turned yellow and they're falling down.There hasn't been anything worth photographing for ages,I hate this.


leave your body in the water

Memoryhouse-The Waves & my first gif. (these are supposed to be experienced together so play the song in the background!)


hear me out

favorite shirt at the moment.


you can't miss this

simone lueck/booooooom.


good ways to break off from a party

Nice curtain.This was at Södermalm too long time ago.


you took my hand and never gave it back

Roofs of Vasastan,Stockholm.
We would climb on top of those buildings,forget all the routines and watch how other people go to work and come from work.Migratory birds would fly above the city and a mild autumn breeze would blow my hair gently at my face.At night we'd burn candles and stare the blurry city lights.We would be the first ones awake and the last ones to fall asleep.


adulthood is a sickness

logan white.


draw your final breath

my breath is steamy.



ugly snakeskin pattern top for 5 cents. I got new camera from insurance, so now I'm using nikon D3000, it's nice,the monitor is bigger and the colors are more vibrant.


I'll give you psychic readings

weird "psychic hand" drawing by me.


second's up

matthieu lavanchy, more here


golden dreams of September

pictures Logan White and Jan Durina.