Worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings

My sister had exactly that kind of pink haired troll as a child,I was lucky to find it for only
80 cents.
P.S. I feel weird,the opposite of feeling like the weight has been lifted.


Roller skates on hot asphalt

postcard from flea market


Sieze the moment and try to freeze it and own it

having difficulties in sleeping after 7 in the morning,the sunlight is so bright that even the window blinders can't keep it away.this is so wonderful.


Bullshit talks

I got this as an exchange from a store.I heard someone is spreading these anti-capitalistic bills in the city.I think he/she is a genious.What's a better way to express your hatred and disbelieve towards greediness,capitalism,the economic growth,the power of money? Than to write it into the source of all this evil shit.No one will throw this statement to the trash,no one will destroy it.Money walks,so many people will see this as I pass it on.


I followed a voice that called my name

I went to Helsinki.I saw the Black Swan in an almost empty theater,you have to watch it.After a half-hour random talk with a stranger I got a new friend in a tram.Other random thing,I was filmed for one web tv page and got free food heh.Today I got a quick offer to go to Prague next morning,but I have to work.Priorities in life are just wrong.


Wrap it up

Ann Demeulemeester fw/02.


underwater table

two years old picture from the botanical garden in Helsinki


Fog city

more days like these,more fog please,the city had fallen asleep


Girl left undressed

via The day after you die.
today I went to buy food but forgot my keys and phone,it was late and the downstair door was locked so I threw a rock on my own appartment's window to get inside (boyfriend was there),I had always wanted to do that hah


To vomit

∞ playing at Sir Oliver & Siperia.I will design their new vinyl cover!!


I'm dreaming of this house in The Shining (1980).
For a while now I've been thinking of changing my name a little.. ?? hmm.In all the ways I feel like a split personality,not two different personalities but many many more.