hung myself on a chandelier

photos from Casa Vogue October 2007.
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boredom won't get me tonight

every street is an adventure and every road becomes a trip.every turn we take and every decision we don't make,even the decision we don't make, will bring us into the secrets of their town.every corner we turn will lead us, every corner we turn will lead us down the labyrinths,and every desire that we earn will guide us alive, living, loving & searching.

listening to: Refused-Tannhäuser/Derive, birds last winter.


let's bring this city to light, to life

I found these from an old file. "Light Event",Tampere,last October.


two punks kissing

second hand t-shirt.

don't forget your sneakers on the beach

kids jumping over rocks at Suomenlinna.



grab your stuff and go have a life

I just figured out my greatest fear: being bored to death. There is plenty of new & exiting things to do, I'm still wasting my time and I hate to grow old. I'm off to Helsinki tomorrow and about to spend a few days there. Hopefully I'm coming back with a little more enthusiasm.
picture ffffound.



nowhere fast

old shots,Helsinki and Jyväskylä.


are we strangers?

Bedroom chandelier and reflections on my wall.
Today I met a young guy in a recycling center. When I was leaving he said "wait for me!". So I did. He was a total stranger. He walked by me for a while, asked where I was going. First I felt awkward and stupid. But then I started wondering, why is it so hard to just share a short moment with someone you'll probably never meet again? He headed home and wished me a good day. And that is what I had.


we should meet more often

sources dethjunkie & ffffound.
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neon colors & hardcore karaoke

last night: first some bands, then some private moshing & hc-karaoke, boys were just fooling around and everyone was choking with laughter haha,fun. The band in the pictures Black Cloud.


melancholy town where we never smile

after about hundred large glasses of ice coffee my thoughts are jumping a little.here and there.i loved to sense the summer wind today. Or yesterday what ever. God it's late.so today i've got some nice stuff ahead, going to see my boyfriend's/friends' band etc. But gotta get some sleep before that,
right about now


this isn't boredom


dealers and players and killers and me

i should make a new header.
source ffffound.


you still got wheels, kid

my new shirt and haha watched Mowgli 89' yesterday and it brought back childhood memories


my red eyes are for not sleeping

I like brick walls. photos are mine, and the eye too. I feel sick and it's rainy, cold & ugly outside.but i'm going out there anyway.