take me to neverland

young forever? I turned twenty today,it's bullshit. Youth slipping away through my shaking fingers. Could we pause for one heart beat, turn time on slow motion, make every second of it a short story? Year from now I'm here again.thinking I've accomplished nothing.One year means alot.365 days including millions of seconds and rapidly changing moments means even more.

source epicly later'd again.

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Freda kirjoitti...

Syvimmät pahoittelut puolestasi. Tiedän kuinka inhottavaa on täyttää vuosia.

a. kirjoitti...

the first two are so good.

satu kirjoitti...

freda:jep,itseasiassa vasta tää 20v avas mun silmät.ja kiitti noi tais olla ekat pahoittelut, haha.

a.: yeah those photos are just so breathtaking,you should definitely go see that page!