spelling errors in love letters

There was nothing that I ever wanted more than for you to hold this deep within your heart.To lay beside me as my halo burns deep to cinder and to wake me from my tired life.Give this ghost a home again--

There are people screaming but you cannot hear the words.

5 kommenttia:

that girl lucy kirjoitti...

your blog is filled with amazing photography <3

sparkleweed kirjoitti...

Oh, the books/writing in this photo! Lovely.

Linnea kirjoitti...

amazing photo, satu!!! so inspiring. you should start a brand, and make note books for a living, promise you'll become a millionare. xoxxx

satu kirjoitti...

that girl lucy: oh oh!thanks much.

sparkleweed: hah yep,I love my books too<3

linnea: hmm,good idea? I don't have enough time to fill all of those scrapbooks anyway.ha-ha thank you.

Daniella kirjoitti...

Haha I know right!? Kiitos :)