Hello neighbors below the ground

yeah I'm loving this,grave yard right next to my home

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Sarah kirjoitti...


linnea hamrefors kirjoitti...

answ: hahahaha, omg. that book sounds.. so me :D

and yes, she contacted me once haha. when i went to london last autumn we were supposed to meet up for a photo shoot or whatever it's called, but the plans had to be cancelled as we didn't plan it very well. but next time we might meet up :)

Irene kirjoitti...

wow. I wish I could have that grave yard near my house

sparkleweed kirjoitti...

oh bless you, you'll make me blush! but you are very pretty yourself :] love these photos - think I might have a trip to the graveyard sometime soon myself for a 'photo-walk'.

satu kirjoitti...

sarah: thank you!!

linnea: Wuuh I'm jealous :-DD you'd look pretty gorgeous in her photos!! hopefully you will get to photoshoot with her.

irene: hehee,it's nice.All those candles and the snow makes it even better,more romantic than at summer!!

sparkleweed: uuh you should do that!! and thanks :)