To vomit

∞ playing at Sir Oliver & Siperia.I will design their new vinyl cover!!

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Irene kirjoitti...

oh wow! have you already started designing it?

satu kirjoitti...

irene: not yet,but I've got ideas in mind..
Other stuff is keeping me busy so this project will have to wait awhile.This is my boyfriend's & frieds' band,they've played for quite long and they're starting to sound so good!! one of my favorites at the moment

Irene kirjoitti...

Oh wow! Sounds sooo good, really, having a boyfriend who has a good band and designing their coverrrr!

+ in answer to your comment: thank you! haha, no one has said that to me before!
and the place is in a small city in England called Rugby, I went there for 10 days to a "boarding Harry Potter school"! amazing it was!

your comment made me happy x