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We drove to West coast on Saturday evening listening to a mix tape made by our friend.Empty roads and misty summer fields,stopping at Tampere to eat vegan burgers.We slept in the car for three hours before driving the rest twenty kilometers.We arrived at the beach at 4 in the morning.There was a small group of teenagers sitting by the campfire and one old lady collecting beer cans.But we didn't care about them,we only heard seagulls laughing above us searching for food.
I washed my face in the ocean.The water was ice cold but I still wanted to go swimming.I picked up seashells,sun burned my eyes at 7 am.We drove some kilometers to an island where we found big rocks by the sea and went to sleep there.It was so quiet,the whole place was empty of people.I closed my eyes and listened the waves.
Well the next day when we were supposed to leave,our car broke in the evening so we just set up a tent and slept there till Monday.It was rainy and cold,the girl selling ice cream probably had no customers that day.The waves were getting bigger and bigger.My dad came to get us home,on our way we saw hundreds of trees torn down by the storm.I would've wanted to take pictures of them but I ran out of film way too quickly.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

sounds awesomee!!!

Fleurette Hare kirjoitti...

such a beautiful blog! i love reading it.

satu kirjoitti...

thank you♥