New waves

Too much is happening my head can't handle it.Right now my eyes hurt,I could cry and sweat and scream but I'm too tired.I've got so much to tell you.I got accepted to Turku university of applied sciences,going to study cloth design there.I'm getting my friend's old appartment(in the picture),just signed the papers for the rent.The other thing is I'm leaving for Milano in a couple of days,on a roadtrip in Italy,Switzerland and France.Then coming back by train via Belgium,Germany,Austria,Slovenia,Croatia,Hungary,Poland,Denmark and Sweden.Almost a month long trip,am I even prepared for this? Taking a backpack full of films with me,hoping for the best.When I come home I will again have to start packing and then move.I wish there's time to keep you guys updated.

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sparkleweed kirjoitti...

Arrgghhh, I'm so jealous of all your travelling plans! Just relax and HAVE FUN. Shall I still send your reply letter to the same address, lovely?