I'd like to run away with a rebel

sources blacklung & oh,snap!project.
life's shit at the moment.like someone else has the control and I can't help it.I need something to happen.
ps. Is anyone planning to go see Blonde Redhead in Helsinki or Stockholm this week?

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Linnea kirjoitti...

answ: thank you!! yes it's gorillaz! best song ever. so genious. it's a real pity their in the parliament now, they're like sweden's answer to BNP. a twisted party. uh!

and yes!!! i'm very much into animal rights! are you that too? i'd love to get to know you better.xoxoxo

Linnea kirjoitti...

that sounds great!!! i'd love to chat more with you, add me on facebook if you like! linnea hamrefors is my name, and there's noone else haha. xoxoxo!!

Linnea kirjoitti...

oh that's cool! haha, please do if you like!! when are you planning your visit?

Isa kirjoitti...

Sait tuommoisen hassunhauskan blogijutun multa!

Tässä: http://isazine.blogspot.com/2010/09/laughing-with-mouth-of-blood.html