promise not to lose the grip

photo elizabeth browne.
what is this? someone's sucking all of my energy.and my money.I hate it when the lack of wealth makes your dreams slip away and become way too blurry to recognize.I'll spend all of my money to get to Stockholm as soon as possible,goddamnit,then I'll maybe run into peter pan who steals money from the rich and gives it to me.woah

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Linnea kirjoitti...

okay!! haha, your swedish is gooood! :o and yeah, hotels&hostels are pretty expensive though.. i can see if i can't find something that's affordable, are you very picky or can it be something that's like a bit more.. primitive? haha

Linnea kirjoitti...

haha okay, good! i actually prefer primitive and simple hotels, haha. oh, i've never heard of acco hostel... but you want to stay somewhere inside stockholm, right? hahaha, yeah, people say we talk as fast as the chinese but i don't know... haha, maybe we do! you are from finland, right? your name sounds finnish haha (:

Linnea kirjoitti...

ooh that's so cool! thank you very much, i didn't know you could be called that in finland, haha. i love my name too (a). i don't know any finnish, no.. sadly. i think it's a very cool language! my friend ingrid is absolutely obsessed with finland. there was a flee market in aspudden last weekend, but i think it was a one-off, so it won't be again. but there is a flee market on hötorget though, on Sunday! lots of cheap stuff there, you should really take a look.

Linnea kirjoitti...

aw what a pity!! but yes, beyond retro is greaat! very expensive, but still. and great that you could stay there! haha

and SERIOUSLY? is it that cheap!?!?! ooooh!! i've never been to finland, and i really should go there!! how great that it's so cheap.....! haha, how excited i got now

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