no wonder you're always lost

source forgot.
I got this award from Isa,thank you.So here are 7 facts about me:
1.I'm obsessively waiting for my hair to grow super long.2.I change my mind way too much and I've got stupid mood swings all the time.3.I'm left-handed.4.when I shower I see different human face-shaped figures on the bathroom walls,especially if the walls are dirty and I've just been drawing human faces.5.I'm a vegan.6.when I can't sleep I start thinking about my heartbeat,brain function & blood stream and it makes me nervous.7.Sometimes I talk too much for strangers and too little for the people I know.It's not cool.
I will give this award forward to Alice&Elsa,Linnea and Johanna.

ps.Tinypic is off use,this sucks so bad,that's why most of the pictures are gone.I will download them back from photobucket when I've got time.

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Linnea kirjoitti...

haha, i also get nervous when i think about my body/intestines, it's scary.

and thank you! i'll answer it right away.

Violetta E. kirjoitti...

amazing blog!
amazing pics!