the world is right in front of your eyes

I feel like my posts have been a bit lame lately,apologizes.I've had other stuff in mind.I also noticed that I've got about hundred unfinished scraps/drawings.. Need to finish them!! I'm leaving for Helsinki on friday,and from there to Stockholm,cool to see the colder and gloomier version of my earlier trip,oh yess

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Linnea kirjoitti...

answ: ooh, okay, but yes, who needs a cabin? haha. for the beginning we were animals too haha, surviving fine without cabins. (; that would be great! i have no idea where turku is, but i will check it out on google maps right away! haha. oh, you write to me on the blog if you like, if you want to meet for a swedish FIKA or something, that would be really nice! i go to school most days but on wednesdays i end at 12.30 so we could meet then, by 14.00 if you like? i live in a suburb really close to 'innerstan' so going there is no prob for me. :) it's up to you! haha

Linnea kirjoitti...

i've never heard of chutney actually, haha, but it sounds great and i think i'll find it! and sure, i'll text you :) my phone number is +4732632463, just in case. :) how nice meeting you!! haha, i don't even know your age? haha