Almost like they still have light in their eyes

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sparkleweed kirjoitti...

I received your letter in the post today :] Thank you SO MUCH, it's absolutely made my weekend.
P.S. I love stuffed animals... and I don't know why because I love live animals more. If that makes sense?

linnea hamrefors kirjoitti...

amazing pictures satu!!

and thank you, haha, i'm thinking about cutting my hair like that again..! :)

Vanamo kirjoitti...

ooohhh yeaah onks harjulta nää?

satu kirjoitti...

sparkleweed: aah good you got it!! ;> hmm I know what you mean,stuffed animals are so cool in a sick way? because yeah live ones are better so not sure why dead ones are fascinating..

linnea:tack så mycket,linnea!! well short hair suits you so don't worry :)

vanamo: sieltä joo!! kävin ties millon lyseoaikoina viimeks siellä nii päätin lähtee käymää ku oli vapaapääsy.noi sudet oli siisteimmät musta!