✝Too late to die young and pretty✝

Adolf Fredrik's graveyard.

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linnea hamrefors kirjoitti...

first - lovely pictures!

second - thank you haha! we'll see what i do..

and oh i don't know really. or about half a year ago i cut of about half my hair. since then it's been very healthy! i also cut my hair about every third month and when i dye it i always use semi-permanent colour that is non-animal-tested and often quite chemical and parfume free. i don't use conditioner, only schampoo, and when i brush my hair i use some kind of pig hair's brush or something, that i bought in a eco store. i also wash my hair about every third/fourth day, not so often that is, and i ALWAYS use cold/ice cold water, it makes my hair soft-ish.

soooo i think the best thing is to use natural and eco products for your hair! and if your hair is dry, i've heard that egg and olive oil is good for the hair (it doesnt work for me though :S) and use a reallyreally good hair conditioner for "extremely dry hair" or something, often do it a little over kill you know. that can really do wonders for your hair.

i also had really long hair before, my hair is also very thick, so then i used "kerastase oleo relax" and it is amazing for dry/fizzy hair!!

hope this helped a little! xo