The expected is just the beginning, the unexpected is what changes our lifes

The roadtrip just ended and I'm speechless again.Trying to take pictures in a moving car the whole week is just like trying to make the time stop.My dear friend drew a watch on my arm somewhere along the road.Now the colors are fading,moments passed,someone woke me up and clock started ticking again.I'm continuing my trip by train.Monaco,Nice and Cannes were for fancy people and I'm not one of them.Marseille is for me,the athmosphere where I belong.Trashy corners,street art,dying buildings,real life.Today a friend showed me around the city with a scooter,that was so cool I cannot describe it.Bye bye phone I dropped it somewhere on the streets of Marseille.It was worth it.Tomorrow I will let the ocean hold me once more,I'm heading to Strasbourg on Wednesday.

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Magda kirjoitti...

i lovee your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ kisses from MExico :)

sparkleweed kirjoitti...

I am so jealous of your wanderings! Hope you're having a fantastic time, it certainly sounds like you are and you write of it so beautifully.