What has happened to this girl?

Wroclaw,Poland.Squat I stayed in for 2 days.
I will gather my mixed thoughts and write you more later.So much action inside my head,so few words I'm able to spell out.But yeah,back home now after 33 days of travelling.Will take no longer than one week and I'll be living in another city.This girl doesn't recognize her own life anymore.

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Linnea kirjoitti...

Ohmy that flat looks amazing. And inspiring. Are you a lot into anarchism and such nowadays? I very much am so. My boyfriend is a very versed libertarian/anarco capitalist and i've become more into voluntaryianism lately. It's very interesting, so if you're into anarchism/libertarianism you should totally read a little about it! XXXX

Irene kirjoitti...

i envy you satu
there's "a house" i know here similar to the one in the pictures, sososososo fuhadisoum (that's a word i just made up, but it means i really like it)

Veroszka kirjoitti...

I know this place. heheh.
kiss from poland.