Follow the street straight ahead

Small village outside Ljubljana,Slovenia.walking home from a party at 5 in the morning.Can't believe how much I miss that place and the people,these brothers with the wildest hearts,3-hour-long conversation with a 17-year-old boy outside one noisy club,watching stars with him and talking nonsense while waiting for the sun to rise.
I've moved and live now in Turku.My old wooden house appartment makes scary noises at night,can no longer watch horror movies.The rooms are echoing,I only have a bed there at the moment and clothes in giant black plastic bags.Things are evolving way ahead of me but I'll catch up eventually.Kisses

4 kommenttia:

J.D. kirjoitti...

Kun tuonnekin pääsisi.

rainbowarriors kirjoitti...

muutit turkuun? wow, sinuun olisi kiva tutustua! kauniita kuvia!


Irene kirjoitti...

you've moved! according to what i've read Turku is such a lovely city, so you're lucky little unicorn

i'll have to send letters to a new address then, right?

rainbowarriors kirjoitti...

kyllä kyllä asun turussa :) en ehkä tunnista sinua mutta voin yrittää. minullekin saa huutaa jos näkee. :)